“Flying” is an interactive multi-media installation with 3D animation game, flight-simulator controls pedals, joystick, and natural materials, collaboration with Theodore Johnson. (2010-present).  Audio by Steve Fell and Yumi Vong.

In “Flying”, elements of animation, installation, and interactivity are combined to create an immersive, sensory experience. The audience can enter this installation, sit on a tree stump, and interact with simple controls to virtually pull wings out of the ground and take flight as a butterfly.  Our goal is to transport participants from their harried, over-stimulated urban existence to a playful, dreamlike exploration of a natural yet digital landscape.

Exhibited at Spaces Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, 2011, Artist talk and presentation at, Location One Gallery, NY, 2012, and Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 2013.

Installation View. Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY.  2013


Installation View: "Extraction" Spaces Gallery, Pittsburgh, 2011DetailImage1_Flying_Oda_JohnsonExtractionDocumentation_Final-8