Cosmic Burst

In the Cosmic Burst Series of 2D works, I bring forth the energy and life force of flowers by abstracting and transforming its elements.  Delicate petals may explode like a bomb or become planetary forms in a galaxy.  This exploration involves drawing, painting, and collage using a variety of mediums. (2008-present)

YukoOda_UntitledYukoOda_Surge YukoOda_Starbursts YukoOda_Radiance YukoOda_Illuminate YukoOda_GalacticField YukoOda_CosmicBurstYukoOda_Floating YukoOda_FireFlower YukoOda_Explosion YukoOda_ExplodingStar YukoOda_BurstingStar YukoOda_Burst Burning

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